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Fjällbacka archipelago, northern west coast of Sweden

Slottsberget (castle rock), Musön 1:11, Tanum’s commune

49.600 m2 seaside place.

60m2 new summer cottage, with 2 separate sleeping cabins, each with their own scenery.

The cottage is completely handmade, with carefully chosen materials. The building process and design has been completed in cooperation with architect Lennart Grip. There is no inner wainscot, this is for the buyer to decide and complete.

To complement the main cottage a bigger sleeping cabin can be built, apart from a bedroom this could shelter a sauna or tool shed.

The cottage:

It is founded on 19 granite boulders selected on the premises and dug into an old oyster bank and adjusted with beach sand. The entire frame is made out of rot proof larch wood.

For the wainscot, certified mahogany and old 13/4" oak boards have been chosen. The oak boards have their original tree trunk shape preserved. Each board has been positioned to fit a bigger pattern, making it look like an oak grove.

The roof is covered with slate.

The floor is made out of 250 year old pine timber. The boards cover the length of the house, giving a special pattern, where every trunk stands next to a tree top. Finally the floor is surrounded by 4 boards, making a frame. 

The floor is insulated with a 5" layer of see shells, making it very resistant to moisture.

The property has its own jetty and well, close to the cottage.


The premises:

The property has its own private beaches, oyster bank, forest, old apple garden etc. The entire island offers a very varied and special nature.